07 Sep

Nothing better than a housewives drama moment in full costume. Tinsley’s circus moment was such a gift to us RHONY fans, with tear-filled clown eyes. With this inspiration, came the Tinsley Sad Circus cookie. This combination was a very surprising delight of waffle cone, sprinkle, and a cream filling. The result is a brightly vanilla-y chewy, crunchy, and creamy combo!

I used the base of Tosi’s cinnamon roll cookie (leaving out the cinnamon). Store bought Belgian waffle cookies broken up were mixed with festive rainbow sprinkles. I created a little well in the dough and spooned in vanilla pudding (hang tight), and closed up the dough to create a little hidden puffin’ pocket. Out of the oven, this sweetie was oh-so vanilla-ful, and that pudding oozed so nicely.

For such a sad clown, this cookie for me sparked a lot of joy! 

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