08 Aug

For some reason, this was one of the more intuitive flavor profiles. Probably because she is so public about her absolute love of junk food and candy. I love how unapologetic she is about eating candy and chips, especially in a world where looks are maintenance are part of the storyline. I knew I wanted to incorporate fries somehow, so I was Jazzed to find potato sticks. These basically mini shoestring fries were the perfect salty, crunchy inclusion to mirror Lisa’s many drive-thru visits. I also chose to include butterfinger bits. It wouldn’t be an Utah girls trip without a sprinter van and candy, so this seemed like a good choice and a natural marriage of flavors. This combo was honestly pretty delicious. The salty shoestring with the sweet and nutty butterfinger all in a chocolate chip cookie base (chocolate chips excluded) made for a decadent snack almost as good as top shelf tequila. 

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