12 Sep

Our favorite red headed NY socialite. A true coffee-talk character come to our very homes with iconic lines like “surpriiise, hiiiiii!” And of course, one of the authors of  “secrets of a Jewish mother”.

One of the first things that came to mind was the clip seared in my brain of her little chihuahua, Ginger, licking the inside of her nose (woof). Naturally, this inspired the making of a delicious Ginger spice cookie.

Using the Tosi cinnamon roll base, I added additional warming spices, including cloves, ginger (duh), allspice, and nutmeg. I filled the little cookie pocket with a cream cheese/ vanilla pudding combo and pnched it closed before baking.

Once nicely browned, I took these fiery puppies out and sprinkled with a clove sugar I got in Sequim, WA.

The result: a warm, gooey, nicely spiced cookie with a lip-licking oozy center. Definitely a fall and holiday season treat, for for any Secrets of a Jewish Mother cookbook. 

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