04 Sep

Now that it has officially turned to September, we can finally let our Fall freak flags fly! The pumpkins, the acorns, the cinnamon. As a natural Autumn myself, these browns, burnt oranges, and mustardy yellows are giving me a lot of life.

The baking world comes alive this time of year and maintains its manic state through the holidays. I have definitely been prematurely excited for the spooky season this year, and can now unleash my inner witch without coming across as a total nut. 

I have been playing around with tempering chocolate and getting more comfortable using molds (see triton cake balls for evidence!). I wanted to try the chocolate covered Oreos they I’ve been seeing on the ‘gram. Also, I impulse-bought a bunch of luster dust (essentially edible shimmery eye shadow, have you ever heard of a more appetizing description?).

I wanted to use the luster dust to make these look Fall-chic, so I applied dry luster dust to clean molds with my finger (no glove, no love).

I definitely flung a lot of melted chocolate around my kitchen, but eventually got into a groove. I kept water simmering in a pot and intermittently rested my glass measuring cup in a cozy bath to keep the chocolate nice and smooth. I added a bit of coconut oil to the white chips to keep things running, and poured that melted mama in the molds. I grabbed some mega stuffed Oreos (controversial, I know), and squished those puppies in, trapping them quicksand-style. I topped each of the Oreo butts with a bit more melted chocolate and slapped the whole thing on the counter to try to level everything out.

After 15 minutes in the fridge, I popped the chocolate Oreo chonks out, drizzled with some more chocolate and sprinkled with fall-ish sprinkies.

The result: a shimmery autumn angel of chocolate, cookie, and cream.

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