10 Dec

Over the pandemic we got real into making our own home versions of foods we might otherwise have ordered. This interest leveled up when we got an Ooni Pizza Oven. Pizza on a Friday! Pizza on a Saturday! Heck, even pizza on a Sunday! There are some really yummy premade doughs at stores like TJ’s or Whole Foods, but for someone who is a little scared of dough with yeast, I actually found a recipe that takes a lot of the think out of the process!

The dough comes together very quickly with only about a half hour of down time. You can truly combine everything, leave it to proof, and sneak in an episode of Ted Lasso.

Once your dough has rested and that gluten has become all sorts of ready, you dollop out little bits to roll out to your desired thickness and top the sucker with your toppings of choice. The pizza oven blisters these babies in no time, creating a wood-fired pie in your very own backyard.

We opt for personal pizzas in my house, with the most popular fixins of pepperoni and olive!

Dough recipe can be found on allrecipes: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/20171/quick-and-easy-pizza-crust/

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