09 Mar

Sky high biscuits!

My husband is from Nashville. This means we’ve gotten to enjoy trips back to visit family, and get some authentic southern food. While hot chicken gets a lot of press, my personal fave are the buttery high to the hills biscuits! Biscuit Love is a local chain introduced to me by my mother in law, and frankly I can’t not want it when we’re in town. I specifically love their Brussels salad with a poached and a fluffy biscuit on the side… drool… but I must stay focused!

I’ve been making drop biscuits for a long time. They are definitely buttery, and flakey, but they are missing the height I so badly craved.

The secrets discovered are several: cold butter (working quickly to keep the temp down) and laminating (aka those buttery layers, this is a process of loosely rolling, turning, folding, and repeating). You don’t want to overwork the dough too much, as this can cause everything to be dense and gummy. Also the more foods you’re able to make, the more layers you may be able to have (I usually can get 4 in before it starts to feel like I’m touching it too much).  

The last very very important step is to cut the dough with a biscuit cutter (also can easily use a round cookie cutter) by pushing straight down and lifting straight up (NO TWISTING). This keeps the layers separate from one another to promote that awesome lift we’re looking for! Ooo baby, that’s what we’re talking about 

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