27 Sep

I hope everyone has seen one of the most incredible episodes in housewives history. This new season of RHOSLC is off to a bangarang! Housewives love a surprise uninvited guest moment. Mix in drag queens (stay tuned, eventually, for a whole new series), 60k rings, trust-shopping and way too many boozy caffeinated drinks, and boy howdy we have a perfect television show.

This episode was full of an immense amount of juicy inspiration, but I was most drawn to the appalling 5 espresso martinis housed by bedazzled cat mom Heather. The thought of that much coffee, CREAM, and alcohol is so disgusting, and the winning combo for belligerence and getting sick. That last image of the episode of Heather in the sprinter van… simply, a vision, a muse. 

I knew I had to try to create an espresso martini cookie. I am very excited that for the first time I really got creative with my dough recipe and created this recipe! The dough itself contains espresso powder. Admittedly I couldn’t find mine so I used super fine ground instant coffee/nespresso packets, which honestly, probably allows for a bit of bitterness to cut the other sweet ingredients. There were two inclusion sub recipes I made to be added as mix-ins to the dough.

First, inspired by the crispy sandy buttery bits from the Milkbar cookbook, I made a version coated in espresso powder. This adds a crunch and buttery element to the overall cookie texture.  Plus, in true Tosi fashion, it has milk powder which also makes for a chew factor. I also put additional milk powder in the dough itself to up the chewiness altogether!

The second inclusion was my attempt at tackling the martini aspect. I made a basic vanilla icing, combined with white chocolate ganache, and added vodka for extra fragrance. And booze. I piped this mixture into my own lil chip bites and let them harden up. The result was a slight boozy, creamy, sweet button.

I mixed the dough and fixins together, and popped these buzzin babies in the oven at 350 for 12-15 minutes.

Finally, I wanted to really capture the look of the espresso martinis.  I whipped up an espresso buttercream, with cold brew and espresso powder, milk, vanilla, and powdered sugar. I then coated the cookies with this creamy lucious concoction and then topped with the classic coffee bean trio.

The result was a delightful, coffee-rich, crunchy, creamy, chewy treat. These could hopefully provide the same food memory without the unfortunate ending!

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