20 Apr

Wait, don’t be scared off by the name! These are the poetry majors of the cookie world. They are deep in flavor, a hint of sourness and darkness, and romantic.

If you saw the sourdough post, you will know that I unexpectedly found myself rich in sourdough starter. Consequently, I’ve been trying to be creative in using it for more good in this world. I came across a lovely recipe for sourdough chocolate cookies and my interest was piqued! Makeitdough.com has a lovely recipe for crinkle sourdough chocolate cookies!

The recipe calls for oil instead of butter and you finish the dough rolling in powdered sugar. It also brings back an old mysterious friend, milk powder. They spread a bit in the bake, but the result is an almost brownie-like texture with a rich flavor because of the sourdough.

Now, when I started prepping everything, I didn’t realize I didn’t quite have enough cocoa powder… finding alternatives online I scoured my pantry only to find I also didn’t have any more espresso powder! I was desperate and I wasn’t about to waste this batch damnit. So….gulp…. I used…ahem… hot cocoa mix (stop looking at me!).  A GREAT lesson in checking your ingredients BEFORE starting to crack eggs and mixing dry/wet. Whatever, you live, you learn, you laugh, you love. I used two packets of Swiss Miss milk chocolate and lowered the sugar in the recipe a smidge. I don’t really know if it changed the outcome because I had never made these before. But I really liked the result, so maybe this was meant to be???

If you want a cookie that sounds like it likes Arcade Fire and kombucha, go for this cookie. If you want a cookie that’s going to impress your New Yorker-reading friends, go for this cookie. If you want a cookie that tastes great and seems like it was a lot of work to make but wasn’t, GO FOR THIS COOKIE! 

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