23 Oct

This was a fun one to try some different techniques and get creative! I frosted with a sort of marbled effect mix of pink, blue and teal buttercream, and piped detailing trim outfitted with chocolate pearls and edible sparkle (hello, magical mermaids!). I molded fondant shells and speared them with a pop stick to add height and an exciting effect. Finally, (and this was honestly the part I was most proud of), I made candy coral. This was done by melting down jolly rancher onto a slip at in the oven, and before completely cooled, I pulled and shaped with toothpicks to crest a spiked corally looking shape. Once cooled, these lil cuties were layered in with the shells and some store-bought decor to add a dynamic effect! The result, one very excited birthday mermaid!

Of course the mermaid party couldn’t stop at just a cake for the family party! I made some accompanying sparkly magical sea-inspired cupcakes for the bday party! This was my first go at a swirled icing effect, and it looked pretty!! I added some chocolate pearls and a bunch of edible glitter to up the mermaid ante. 

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