10 Oct

My auntie came into town and with a special visitor comes another opportunity to get baking! With chocolate out of the question, I pressed her for a flavor profile she would want at the family dinner. Nothing like forcing baked goods in an unsuspecting loved one! All parties involved settled on lemon as the choice for the night, and I hastily got to work.

I had separated yolks from some royal icing I had made earlier that week, so knew lemon curd was a good way to go. The Preppy Kitchen curd recipe is very quick to whip up, and there’s flexibility to adjust the rind/juice ratio to pump up the sourness and tone down the buttery flavor that lemon curd can sometimes be overwhelmed by. I made this before leaving for work (very normal activity at 6 AM while packing school lunches and brewing some coffee), and allowed it to cool and set in the fridge for the day.

 I knew I needed a vehicle for the curd to be enjoyed, so I decided on shortbread. I found a recipe that used powdered sugar, creating a very light cookie to enjoy a big ol’ dollop of the curd. My auntie barb deserved a bit more pizzaz than plain shorties, so I spruced up the dough with lemon extract for an extra lemon punch to the whole bite.

For the quickness in which this was all compiled, I was pretty pleased with the result! Not necessarily the prettiest dessert I’ve ever made. But, hun, looks ain’t everything! This tangy, buttery, crispy, decadent bite? Babes, she’s a star of her own 

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