17 Mar

Purim definitely snuck up quick this year, but I try to take advantage of any holiday that celebrates cookies as center stage. It also was basically on St. Patrick’s day, which influenced one of my flavors 

Hamantaschen growing up were a fun tradition that resulted in just-ok cookies, if I’m being honest (no offense, mom). I’ve made some more exciting ones in the past and even posted about em. But these ones I really went bananas.

For the dough, I decided to use a regular sugar cookie dough, ti hopefully achieve better flavor and less spread than the actual hamantaschen recipes I’ve used in the past. This definitely paid off and maid for a yummier, stronger, triangle vessel.

The fillings is where I went offfffff. I made Nutella filled with sprinkles, strawberry jam filled with gold dusted strawberries, marionberry jams filled with gold dusted blackberries, chocolate ganache filled and drizzled with flaked sea salt, and the piece de resistance, my thin mint cookie and chocolate chip filled! (We have a Girl Scout in the house, after all!) 

I was a big fan of the chocolate ganache babes. This was a dark chocolate rich ganache that was a touch bitter to counter the sweet sugar cookie dough, topped with flaky salt! We love a sweet and salty moment. The thin mint was interesting, but honestly needed something a bit more gooey in the middle to balance the dry/crunch of the thin mint. The jam filled were more reminiscent of my kid good days, solid fruity dessert cookie options.

Overall, a fun time trying to fancify these holiday treaties

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