30 Aug

As cake pops tend to be a bit of elusive creature for me, I decided to try my hand at a less on-a-stick version. I had these cute shell molds from my daughter’s previous mermaid party  (see mermaid cake post!) and thought they’d be the perfect size and shape to give this a go.

My alma mater had a shell as a “mascot”, and we were home of the mighty Tritons. Now mind you, most college students (and lots of people!) believe a triton to be the pointy stick wielded by Ariel’s dad. While in fact, that is a triDENT and I guess he’s named after a shell.
But I digress!

Anyway, I mixed some leftover yellow cake sponge with vanilla frosting to achieve a smooth play-doughy texture. I brushed to molds with tempered and dyed white chocolate melts and poured and brushed. Literally using a paintbrush, I pulled the chocolate up the sides of the mold to try to create a thinnish first layer. It is recommended to try to do two thin layers. You can pop briefly in the fridge or freezer to harden the chocolate, but don’t let them chill for too long or the chocolate can start sweating.

Once set, I filled them with the cake/frosting mix, poured another bit of the chocolate melt on top and gave em a good scrape to level off the bottoms. Give ‘em another quick pop in the fridge and these little beach babes are set! 

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