10 Jan

This was really the cake that started it all. Early in the pandemic, as a birthday present my husband gifted me an online baking class by Christina Tosi! During the course, we learned her classic MilkBar recipes and developed our own flavor stories/recipes based on our new skills. Here is the quintessential MilkBar birthday cake, topped with those delectable cake crunch bits. This cake is hands-down one of the tastiest cakes I’ve made and tasted. The milk soak, balance of tang and sweet in the frosting, and texture of the crunchy bits between the layers all sing together in a beautiful chorus of vanilla and sprinkles.

It’s is a very festive cake, and with its naked tiered look, can be quite the show-stopper! There are quite a few specialty ingredients recommended for her recipes, like milk powder, citric acidic, and glucose syrup. However, most, if not all, can be acquired through a combo of Amazon, your local crafting store, and grocery store. You can find the recipe on her website or in her cook book! Good luck not eating as much as possible of this tasty treat!

On this particular rendition, I subbed out the typical crunchy cake bits on top for the highly classy purple unicorn sprinkle. You do you!

Find MilkBar recipes on their website: https://milkbarstore.com/blogs/recipes/birthday-cake

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