09 Oct

I was very excited and honored to get to treat this new mama to a festive and floraly birthday cake!

 Funfetti was the cited desired flavor, so I got to work whipping up three 8 inch rounds of Sally’s baking addiction sprinkly wonder! My sister had sent me these kind of cake round belt things that you soak prior to securing around the pan and popping the cozy cuties in the oven. I suspect the steaminess from the wet belty thing allows for an even bake and supposedly gives you a flat topped cake. Oo was that true or what!? These babes definitely work!!  I got three, soft, and oh-so-even cakies, perfect for future stacking.

For the filling I wanted something besides vanilla, or otherwise the whole cake can give off a one-note flavor. So in addition to vanilla Swiss buttercream, I made an almond creme pâte to mix up the texture and flavor profile. I iced the outside with a not-too-sweet vanilla American buttercream.

I wanted to create an ombré effect on the outside using different hues of purple, progressively lightening up the cake. Definitely still working on the evening technique, but had a lot of fun blending the colors. The top was adorned with some flowers, inspired by my daughter giving her teacher some daisies last week. I dipped the clipped buds in chocolate for food safeness and placed them around an embossed-fondant-happy-birthday. I splattered this with golden luster to try to luxe up the cake a bit.

Overall very pleased with the outcome and so honored to celebrate a wonderful friend.

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